CVK scan analyzer

CVK is a smart phone that installed with a poker analyzing system, collectively referred to as CVK poker analyzing system.

CVK is a 4.7 inch white smart phone that is able to perform many of the functions of a computer, typically having a relatively large screen and an operating system capable of running general-purpose applications.

But after it has the function of analyzing the scanning image from the side marked barcode cards reader, its value is totally increase. One CVK poker analyzing system contains many types of poker games for the buyers to choose, such as Texas Holdem and the Omaha. But still needs to think carefully before you make choice.

If you have make a decision which game you want to buy, then you can enter the password to purchase the game you need. Every time you enter into the game system, you need the password. It is a considerate design for the customers. Then, you can buy the game and set the game rules. For example, how many people in the game, six of eight people in game, and the ways to report the scanning upshot, the first winner, second winner or all rank of the players.

When suddenly need to add player during the game, do not worry, there is a controller to help you solve the problem. The supplementary controller can help you to add and reduce the number of player in the game.

And the other feature of this CVK poker winner predictor is that the language it used is Chinese. So, even if others players see the setting page, they can't understand the meaning of these words. And as the same of all scanning camera cheating system, this CVK poker analyzer is used with side mark barcode reader, side cheat scanning poker and a pair of bug earpiece.

Except for the function of analyzing the poker scanning image, you can listen to music at the same time you playing poker game. Don't forget the CVK analyzing system is a real smart phone.

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  • Content: I want the details about the black eye lenses and the ink?

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  • Content: 9504396666what Nu

  • Admin_reply: can you advise the country code for the whatsapp number?
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